5 Tips for Homeschooling/Unschooling on a Budget

If you Homeschool, you may be using a curriculum that has cost you hundreds of pounds. If you Unschool like us, you can also end up spending hundreds of pounds on supporting your children’s individual interests.

Taking responsibility for your children’s education, can seem like it may put a considerable strain on your purse strings:

  • Books
  • Day Trips
  • Clubs
  • Art and Craft Materials
  • Music Lessons
  • Video Games
  • Gadgets
  • Specialist tools

But fear not, here are 5 Tips we have learnt that can keep the cost bearable.


  • Go to the library: Libraries are hugely neglected resource and here in the UK many have had their funding cut considerably by the current government, so it really is a case of “Use them or Lose them!“.  Libraries have now moved into the 21st Century and offer many online services. I even have an App on my smart phone that allows me to renew our books by scanning our library cards! Many Libraries run weekly workshops for children either for free or at minimal cost.  A couple of Libraries near us are running LEGO clubs on Saturday mornings, which is great for our son as he gets to meet new friends and build Lego together.


  • Blue Peter Badge: This is one of my favourite “Tips” that not many parents think about. The Blue Peter Badge you may remember from when you were a child, is still going. It gets children into many museums (even private ones) for free, also theme parks, Zoos and much more! Our daughter got her Blue Peter Badge for setting up her own craft business and our son, got his for building a Lego “Solar Panelled” ship model.  You just need to send them a letter about your child’s project and a photograph. There are many different Badges to collect, so you could have fun trying to get each one!


  • Ask a Friend or Family member: Use the skills of the people around you. Our daughter likes to sew, dressmaking workshops can be very expensive, but we have a friend who is a whizz at sewing and is happy to share her skills with our daughter. Grandma has a wealth of knowledge and has given Jam Making instruction via FaceTime.


  • Ask YouTube: The things our children learn to do by watching YouTube, always amazes me. Once, when our daughter was into cake decorating, I asked if she would like me to pay for her to do a workshop, she replied, “Save your money mum, there’s a woman on YouTube who can show me how to do it.”.


  • Join Home Education Group Pages on Facebook: Facebook is great for hooking up with other home educating families. Wherever, you live you there should be a Facebook Page for Home Educators in your area, if not, you could set one up yourself. Then, you can organise trips as a group and get “School group” discounts for entry in many Family Attractions as well as Museums. Even, when you go somewhere just with your own family, it is worth asking if they do a Home Educators discount.



5 Tips for Homeschooling/Unschooling on a Budget
Longleat Safari Park “school group” visit at super discounted entry fee!


Longleat Safari Park – First Time Mummy has held a snake!



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  1. Your way of describing homeschooling and the photos,
    offer an expansive and creative way for our children and
    all children to be around people they love, care about and
    thus, practice being themselves, real, honest and unafraid.

    Thank you.

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