Celebrating Together

    This post is a bit late, but still I want to write it. In Wales, where we are originally from, the 1st March is Saint David’s day or Dydd Gŵyl Dewi in Welsh. Saint David is the patron saint of Wales. In medieval times it was believed that St David was the nephew […]

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Will My Children Learn Anything If I Unschool?

  I recently answered a comment on my blog post How Do I Start Unschooling? (Free Chapter) from a mother who had just started unschooling her children and had some concerns as to whether she would know if they were doing anything educational. I realised that in giving my rather long reply, I had actually written […]

Manga Boy 1

Does Your Child Want To Draw MANGA Figures?

One of our daughter’s recent interests has been in learning to draw Manga figures. So, I was very pleased to find How to Draw Manga Boys: In Simple Steps by Yishan Li (Search Press) Here are some of the pictures she drew with the book’s guidance. I think they are beautiful!        


How Do I Start Unschooling? (Free Chapter)

      The following post is a chapter from my book “Unschooling – 7 Steps To Begining The Journey”. If you enjoy the chapter and feel like reading more, you can buy the book on Amazon.   How Do I Start Unschooling?   Deschooling with Ice cream: Often, after only a few weeks of […]

4 Fantastic Art Books To Get Your Family Creating!

    We are a family of artists and we love creating. I am also an Arts Award Advisor with Trinity College, London and run workshops for Home Educated children. Many children come to my workshops  believing they can never be an artist because they can’t draw. As we work together developing their ideas and […]


Why “Unschooled” Kids Will Thrive In Our “Post Work” Society

  I found a great article in my Inbox this morning by Dustin Timbrook titled, WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO SURVIVE THE FUTURE? SEND THEM TO ART SCHOOL . I was intrigued and the article didn’t disappoint:- “If preparing your kids for a world in which hard-working, knowledgeable people are unemployable frightens you then I have some good […]


Let The Kids Get Bored

  We live in a culture that believes we should never be bored. There are so many things to entertain us, keep our minds occupied so we can avoid the dreaded boredom we seem to fear so much.   But, being bored is a key factor in developing our imagination. As an unschooling mum, I […]

Why I Allow My Son To Play With Toy Guns

  Should Parents Allow Children To Play With Toys Guns? This is a question I used to ask myself before I had children…before our son came along. When our son was a toddler, I decided I would not encourage him to have toy guns, but as he got older he made his own choices. Being […]


When Did Being An Adult Become So Boring?

    It was raining as I drove my car down the street the other day. The world looked positively gloomy. I was just about to play that old record in my head about how dismal British weather is when suddenly, a flash of colours caught my eye. I was mesmerised as I watched a […]


My Top 10 Most Popular Posts For 2015

I loved blogging about our unschooling life in 2015, and I actually managed to write and publish a short book for families who are beginning their unschooling journey. Thank you, to all of you who have taken the risk of allowing my posts to land in your Inbox by subscribing to my blog and thank […]


Unschooling With The Neighbours

Part of my role as an Unschooling parent, is to find people in our community who are willing to share their interests, talents and skills with our children. One of our neighbours is about to retire and his new venture is Falconry. When I asked if I could bring our children to see his Owls […]

Festival of light

“Festival Of Light” Chinese Lantern Display

For years, we have wanted to see the Festival of Light at Longleat Safari Park, but it was just too expensive for us as a family. So, you can imagine our excitement when a fellow home educating parent organised a Home Ed “Educational Group” trip to the festival, allowing us all to take advantage of […]


Creating Something Just For The Joy Of It!

I was going to write a post about how the BookBinding workshop our daughter and I did a couple of weeks ago, was a great opportunity to learn about Maths, but I realised I don’t actually give two hoots if our daughter learnt any maths or not. Instead, I’m going to write about how totally […]

Something Amazing Happened When I Slowed Down

In my last post, In Praise of SLOW Homeschooling, I spoke about my intention to slow down, switch my iPhone off more often and be present with my children. These past couple weeks, I have being doing just that and something amazing happened…I noticed the way I speak.   I noticed my tone of voice; […]


In Praise of SLOW Home Schooling

Sometimes, I see what other home schooling or unschooling families are doing and feel like I am not doing enough.   Being a home educating parent, means we take on the responsibility for our children’s education in a way that those parents who send their children to school rarely need to. The pressure to do […]

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7 Steps To Beginning Your Unschooling Journey

I’ve just written my first book on Unschooling!   In ‘7 Steps To Beginning Your Unschooling Journey’, I aim to answer all those questions a family often has when considering unschooling their children. This book is the big hug you sometimes need when taking the lesser known path.   I hope to dispel the myths […]

Quick, Grab That Lego Head!

  I had to share this Amazon sale because they have some nice products reduced. Including A large Lego Head. Sorry, but I get really excited over these Lego Storage boxes. We have one (which we paid full price for!) and they are such a fun and funky way to store Lego or other bits […]


Our Unschooling/Homeschooling Reading Shelf

We all love reading. Our library cards are always maxed out and our Amazon “Wish Lists” are extremely long!  So, I thought it might be nice to share with other home educating families the books we are all reading at the moment. (You can click on any of the images below to buy the books from Amazon.) […]

Helping Children Heal From the Trauma of School

  Recently, Jason (hubby) has been running Film Making and Digital Media workshops for Home Educated children around our kitchen table (luckily, we have a large kitchen table). I have been running Arts Awards for Home Educated children for the past year. The best thing about running these workshops is meeting the children. Their ages range […]