5 Tips for Homeschooling/Unschooling on a Budget

If you Homeschool, you may be using a curriculum that has cost you hundreds of pounds. If you Unschool like us, you can also end up spending hundreds of pounds on supporting your children’s individual interests. Taking responsibility for your children’s education, can seem like it may put a considerable strain on your purse strings: […]


How To Feel Better About Your HomeSchooling Life

Often, many of us Home Educators feel we are not doing enough with our children. We worry, that we are not providing the opportunities our children need to learn about the world. This, I believe is a good time to look back over the family, digital photo album. I find myself doing this after each season […]


Gary Vaynerchuk Says Schools Are Teaching Pointless Shit!

In his interview with Chase Jarvis, Marketing guru, Gary Vaynerchuk says schools are teaching pointless shit, I’m paraphrasing, but that is the base line. Schools, are getting children to remember facts in a world where you can access anything you need to know in a second, on your Smart Phone. A creative mind, a developed […]


NOT the Perfect Homeschooling Family

Recently, I have been going through my ‘Inbox’ and looking at all the home education blogs I am signed up to. I have been bringing my awareness to the feelings inside my body when I read them. If I catch myself sighing heavily and the energy leaving my body then I hit the “Unfollow” button. […]

How to Make Governments Afraid of Your Children

In many countries, Home Education is illegal. That’s how frightened governments are of Free Thinkers, because if you do not go to school: They can not control what materials you have access to. They can not control what you learn or how you think.   They can not mould you into the perfect, conformist citizen […]

HackSchooling; The Best Thing You Can Teach Your Kids

If you want to see a child who is going to have a very fulfilling, happy life doing what he loves for a living, I suggest you watch the awesome, Logan LaPlante 2013 TED talk “Hackschooling” And how, may you ask is Logan going to achieve one of the most important things we wish for our […]

Exam Pressure; Free Thinkers Not Allowed

  ” We are not all the same, we are NOT robots!” These are the words of a fithteen year old woman, who shared with me her experience of school. She continued by saying, “We are forced at the age of thirteen to start thinking about which exams we will take. We are forced to […]

Pushing Children to Succeed

Why do we push children so hard in the name of “Success”? What is being “Successful” anyway? It was not until recently, that I realised I am a rather pushy parent. I home educate our two children and therefore, I believe it is my responsibly to make sure they both “Succeed” in life. I see […]