I recently had the great pleasure of talking with Pam Laricchia as part of her wonderful Podcast Series, EXPLORING UNSCHOOLING. It was so much fun. Pam is great at making her guests feel relaxed and as though you are talking with an old friend. I could have continued our conversation for hours. I think […]

Should We Stop Pushing “Passion” and Embrace “Averageness”

Over the last few months, I’ve had a bit of a realisation…for years, I’ve been pushing our children to find their passion in the frantic hope they will make a career out of it. In the hope they will join the ranks of extraordinary “Unschooled” kids we so often read about online who have created […]

Children do not enter this world with bad intentions

    Today, I found this quote on my Facebook page:   “Children do not enter this world with bad intentions. They do not come to wear us out, test our patience, or push us over the edge. They come to us with a need for love, connection and belonging.” – Rebecca Eanes   Children […]

Being Honest With Our Children

    I am not a perfect parent, I am not a perfect person and that’s a good thing. I might want to be a truly enlightened mother who never gets irritated, angry or fearful, but that’s just not the reality. I am, however, honest with our children. They see all parts of me. I do […]

Why I Allow My Son To Play With Toy Guns

  Should Parents Allow Children To Play With Toys Guns? This is a question I used to ask myself before I had children…before our son came along. When our son was a toddler, I decided I would not encourage him to have toy guns, but as he got older he made his own choices. Being […]


When Did Being An Adult Become So Boring?

    It was raining as I drove my car down the street the other day. The world looked positively gloomy. I was just about to play that old record in my head about how dismal British weather is when suddenly, a flash of colours caught my eye. I was mesmerised as I watched a […]

Something Amazing Happened When I Slowed Down

In my last post, In Praise of SLOW Homeschooling, I spoke about my intention to slow down, switch my iPhone off more often and be present with my children. These past couple weeks, I have being doing just that and something amazing happened…I noticed the way I speak.   I noticed my tone of voice; […]

What Adults Can Learn From Kids

Adora Svitak is an amazing young woman. She speaks a truth that many of us Unschooling parents feel in our bones. Children have the ability to think beyond the limits of the generation who gave birth to them. This, is the way it has always been. Our children hold a future world in their hands, […]

How I Survive Being With My Kids All Day

  “I don’t know how you can be with your kids all day!”, this is a common comment I get from other parents who do not home educate their children.  I could reply, “I don’t know how you can be WITHOUT your kids all day”, but that would be mean, so I don’t.    Many […]

Is It OK To Be Friends With Your Children?

I recently, read a post on Facebook by Kristie Liberti-Reinheld on Partnership parenting. One line stood out for me….“It is ok to be their (your children’s) friend and parent”.  When, I Googled “Be friends with your children“, it saddened me to see, there were more articles on why you shouldn’t be friends with your children, than there were […]

Why I Don’t Believe Your Son Has ADHD

A friend, told me a story today that made me feel sad and angry. She has just returned from camping in the South of France with her family. On, the campsite they met a family from the Netherlands, who had an eight year old son. The boy was playful, funny and enjoyed nothing more than […]