From Waldorf Teacher to Unschooling Mum

  At the beginning of this year, I was asked by the Alliance of Self-Directed Learning if I would be interested in contributing to their on-line magazine, Tipping Points. Here is the article I wrote for them. There are many articles included in the magazine by other families sharing their journeys of learning without school. […]

Transitioning From Waldorf Homeschooling to Unschooling

  A few days ago, I received an email from a parent on the path of transitioning from Homeschooling with the Steiner Waldorf curriculum to Unschooling. I was honoured to read her story which moved me. It was so honest, authentic and beautiful. I asked if I could share her words on my blog as I […]


  I recently had the great pleasure of talking with Pam Laricchia as part of her wonderful Podcast Series, EXPLORING UNSCHOOLING. It was so much fun. Pam is great at making her guests feel relaxed and as though you are talking with an old friend. I could have continued our conversation for hours. I think […]

Sometimes You Make Me So Mad

I’ve Had Enough Of Justifying Our Unschooling Life

  I’ve had enough of justifying our unschooling life. It’s boring.   I recently read this fabulous post We Don’t Do That School Thing over at Jitterberry.  Two lines stuck out for me….   “The absence of school does not leave a deficit to offset. Our children do not attend school and we do not […]

Why My College Degree Was A Waste Of Time and Money

    Yesterday, as I sat in the purpose built studio of professional printmaker and artist, Chris Pig a thought popped into my head….”My college degree was a waste of time and money”.   Why did this thought come to me? I have recently started to make artwork again after many years of focusing on […]

Should We Stop Pushing “Passion” and Embrace “Averageness”

Over the last few months, I’ve had a bit of a realisation…for years, I’ve been pushing our children to find their passion in the frantic hope they will make a career out of it. In the hope they will join the ranks of extraordinary “Unschooled” kids we so often read about online who have created […]

Did You Get It?

    Hi folks, If you managed to download my eBook, Unschooling – 7 Steps To Beginning The Journey, on its FREE 5 day promotion, well done! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to be writing more soon.  Now, here’s an ask, would you be willing to take a few minutes to pop […]

Trading Money For Freedom

    “For money, you sell the hours and the days of your life, which are the only true wealth you have. You sell the sunshine, the dawn and the dusk, the moon and the stars, the wind and the rain, the green fields and the flowers, the rivers, and the sweet fresh air. You […]

Unschooling  - 7 Steps

FREE eBook! Unschooling – 7 Steps To Beginning The Journey

Dear Followers, my eBook – ‘Unschooling – 7 Steps To Begining The Journey‘ will be available to download for FREE for the next 5 days, from Monday 22nd – Friday 26th of August. You can download the book starting from tomorrow, even if you don’t have the time to read it right now, so you […]

For the Love of Learning – Deschooling

Earlier this year, I had the honour of being a guest on the wonderful Lainie Liberti’s “For The Love Of Learning” show. It was great fun! So, make yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up for a couple of hours and enjoy. And, here’s Lainie website if you want to find out more. […]

Is There Any Point In Children Learning “Handwriting”?

    Is there really any point in children learning “Handwriting” in the 21st Century? When I say handwriting, I mean cursive. We live in a digital age in which our children are surrounded by digital text and typography. Hand written letters to grandparents have been replaced by emails or Skype or FaceTime. I am […]

Why I’m Adding a DONATE Button To My Blog

Yesterday, I crossed an edge. That edge was asking strangers for money to support me writing this blog by adding a Donate button to my front page. I hate asking for money, it makes me feels physically and emotionally uncomfortable. So, how did I get over this edge? Instead of thinking about all the people […]

Awkward Unschooling Question No.2 – “What About Exams?”

  “What about exams?” is a common question many unschoolers (and homeschoolers) get asked. To be honest, I try to avoid giving an answer to this one and just smile, while I continue to pack the groceries or change the subject. I avoid it because I know my answer will probably blow their minds. If they’re stuck […]

Awkward Unschooling Questions: No.1 “What Do You Do All Day?”

    “What Do You Do All Day?” “Hmmm…how long have you got?” is my usual reply to this question. It often stops the conversation going any further, but if it didn’t, I would answer:   We go on long dog walks and chat about everything and anything; we don’t care about the rain anymore. […]

Deschooling Ourselves Pic

Deschooling Ourselves

    I’m not sure I will ever be a totally “Deschooled” adult and parent. After all, I went through the mainstream schooling system just like most people. Over the years, I have let go of many of the beliefs I carried around education, parenting and even how to be on this planet. These beliefs […]

Celebrating Together

    This post is a bit late, but still I want to write it. In Wales, where we are originally from, the 1st March is Saint David’s day or Dydd Gŵyl Dewi in Welsh. Saint David is the patron saint of Wales. In medieval times it was believed that St David was the nephew […]

Minecraft Titantic

Will My Children Learn Anything If I Unschool?

  I recently answered a comment on my blog post How Do I Start Unschooling? (Free Chapter) from a mother who had just started unschooling her children and had some concerns as to whether she would know if they were doing anything educational. I realised that in giving my rather long reply, I had actually written […]

Manga Boy 1

Does Your Child Want To Draw MANGA Figures?

One of our daughter’s recent interests has been in learning to draw Manga figures. So, I was very pleased to find How to Draw Manga Boys: In Simple Steps by Yishan Li (Search Press) Here are some of the pictures she drew with the book’s guidance. I think they are beautiful!        


How Do I Start Unschooling? (Free Chapter)

      The following post is a chapter from my book “Unschooling – 7 Steps To Begining The Journey”. If you enjoy the chapter and feel like reading more, you can buy the book on Amazon.   How Do I Start Unschooling?   Deschooling with Ice cream: Often, after only a few weeks of […]

4 Fantastic Art Books To Get Your Family Creating!

    We are a family of artists and we love creating. I am also an Arts Award Advisor with Trinity College, London and run workshops for Home Educated children. Many children come to my workshops  believing they can never be an artist because they can’t draw. As we work together developing their ideas and […]