Why “Unschooled” Kids Will Thrive In Our “Post Work” Society

  I found a great article in my Inbox this morning by Dustin Timbrook titled, WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO SURVIVE THE FUTURE? SEND THEM TO ART SCHOOL . I was intrigued and the article didn’t disappoint:- “If preparing your kids for a world in which hard-working, knowledgeable people are unemployable frightens you then I have some good […]


Let The Kids Get Bored

  We live in a culture that believes we should never be bored. There are so many things to entertain us, keep our minds occupied so we can avoid the dreaded boredom we seem to fear so much.   But, being bored is a key factor in developing our imagination. As an unschooling mum, I […]

Why I Allow My Son To Play With Toy Guns

  Should Parents Allow Children To Play With Toys Guns? This is a question I used to ask myself before I had children…before our son came along. When our son was a toddler, I decided I would not encourage him to have toy guns, but as he got older he made his own choices. Being […]


My Top 10 Most Popular Posts For 2015

I loved blogging about our unschooling life in 2015, and I actually managed to write and publish a short book for families who are beginning their unschooling journey. Thank you, to all of you who have taken the risk of allowing my posts to land in your Inbox by subscribing to my blog and thank […]


Unschooling With The Neighbours

Part of my role as an Unschooling parent, is to find people in our community who are willing to share their interests, talents and skills with our children. One of our neighbours is about to retire and his new venture is Falconry. When I asked if I could bring our children to see his Owls […]

Festival of light

“Festival Of Light” Chinese Lantern Display

For years, we have wanted to see the Festival of Light at Longleat Safari Park, but it was just too expensive for us as a family. So, you can imagine our excitement when a fellow home educating parent organised a Home Ed “Educational Group” trip to the festival, allowing us all to take advantage of […]

Luminara King2

7 Steps To Beginning Your Unschooling Journey

I’ve just written my first book on Unschooling!   In ‘7 Steps To Beginning Your Unschooling Journey’, I aim to answer all those questions a family often has when considering unschooling their children. This book is the big hug you sometimes need when taking the lesser known path.   I hope to dispel the myths […]


Our Unschooling/Homeschooling Reading Shelf

We all love reading. Our library cards are always maxed out and our Amazon “Wish Lists” are extremely long!  So, I thought it might be nice to share with other home educating families the books we are all reading at the moment. (You can click on any of the images below to buy the books from Amazon.) […]


Unschooling a LEGO Enthusiast!

Our eight year old son, has started his own YouTube channel about his Lego building projects. He spends hours building scenes from his favourite movies or video games. He always takes the story a step further, adding his own characters and developing the plot. Sometimes two worlds collide, and Batman will battle Darth Vader in […]

Learning Happens in the most Unexpected Places

Sometimes, I worry I am not teaching our children enough. We never sit down to learn, do worksheets, build pyramids out of sugar cubes or whittle wooden spoons together. We occasionally go to museums or watch documentaries, but most learning seems to take place in the most unexpected places. Our children will often ask me […]

Unstopping With No Limit: Food

Unschooling with No Limits: Food

We have been inspired by Johleen of Home-Ed Life latest blog post, “Deschooling Food“.  We tried having no limits on food a few years ago and it didn’t really work out. After reading Johleen’s lovely post about her experiment with Deschooling Food, I called a family meeting. I asked the children if they would like […]


Unschooling in the Kitchen

Recently, our daughter has been asking to learn to cook. My reaction to this is Hooray! I have never enjoyed cooking or baking, but I do like us to eat healthy food made from fresh ingredients, so I cook. As our daughter has shown an interest, I suggested she took out the recipe book her […]


LEGO Star Wars & Awesome Cakes!

We have lived in Somerset for ten years, but originally we are from Cardiff in South Wales, where our children’s grandparents still live. We visit often throughout the year and it just so happens Cardiff is also where our nearest LEGO shop is (2 hours away). The LEGO shop is like a pilgrimage for us […]

The Reluctant Unschooling Gardener

In my ideal “Unschooling” life, when I ask my children each Spring to help me plant seeds for our veggie garden, they reply gleefully, “Of course, we would love to”, then we all skip out to the garden and get earth under our fingernails as we fill pots  with soil and plant seeds. Back to […]


Our NOT Back to School Day

In seven days time, children across the U.K. will be woken up at a time they did not choose to wake up, put on clothes they did not choose to wear, walk through school gates they did not choose to walk through and learn about stuff they did not choose to learn about. In our […]

Busy Doing Nothing

  Each morning, my children ask “What are we doing today?“, my favourite days are when I can answer “Nothing!”. I love Nothing days. Of course, there is actually no such thing as a Nothing day in our home, with walking the dog, cooking, cleaning, gardening, writing blog posts, but when it can all be […]

I Love all the Stuff Parents are Supposed to Hate

I recently read an article titled, Playing with Legos is More Valuable than Learning Algebra by Isaac M. Morehouse who was homeschooled (Unschooled) as a child. I have to say, I totally agree with him. Lego, like Minecraft, Youtube and Computer Games is supposed to be one of those things parents hate, but I love them. […]

School: Prison By Another Name

After attending school for six months, the five year old girl turned to her mother and said, “You know Mum, I just don’t get school…..We have to stand in line in Alphabetical order. We can’t eat when we want to. We have to freeze like statues when they blow a whistle in the playground AND […]

“I Don’t Want to Learn How to Tell the Time”

  A seven year old, unschooled girl turned to her mother one day and said: “I don’t want to learn how to tell the time, because if I do, I will know time is passing, and if I know time is passing, I will know I’m getting older, and if I know I’m getting older, […]