Free Printables & Crafts for Day of the Dead Fun!

Halloween is one of our children’s favourite times of the year. It is not just about dressing up and eating candy, we are also interested in the meaning behind this tradition and its origins.


In the Celtic tradition, Halloween is called Samhain and it lasts for three days. Samhain represents the ending and beginning of the Celtic New Year.


In Mexico it is called the Día de Muertos which translates as Day of the Dead; a time when families remember and honour their dead.


This year we have been focusing on the Day of the Dead. The folk art linked to the festival is so beautiful and we have found some really lovely craft activities to do together. (See link below)


We created these masks from paper plates. Of course, our daughter’s creativity far surpasses mine….as usual!

Day of the Dead Crafts


Day of the Dead Crafts 

We also found a stunning Day of the Dead colouring book on Amazon.

(Click image below to take a closer look inside and buy it!)

The black and white illustrations come alive when coloured in. I can imagine myself framing these and hanging them around our home.

Day of the Dead colouring pages


We live near the famous town of Glastonbury or Isle of Avalon as the locals call it (Its ancient name). Glastonbury is the home to the otherworld. A place where fairies, witches, dragons, wise woman and mad men live. On a recent trip, we discovered this beautiful image made from different magical powders.


Many more Dead of the Day crafts can be found on my Pinterest Board.
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