HackSchooling; The Best Thing You Can Teach Your Kids

If you want to see a child who is going to have a very fulfilling, happy life doing what he loves for a living, I suggest you watch the awesome, Logan LaPlante 2013 TED talk “Hackschooling” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h11u3vtcpaY

And how, may you ask is Logan going to achieve one of the most important things we wish for our children?

He has learnt the art of HackSchooling.

Logan gets that “Happiness” needs to be maintained. Our, current School system’s emphasis on educating children to get jobs to make money, does not always equate to a happy life.  Schools are dull, really dull and kids are bored.  Sir Ken Robinson, was right when he said,

Schools Kill Creativity

And, they’re STILL doing it, teaching the same curriculum I was taught in school over twenty years ago!!!

So, how are we going to save our children from a dull education, that leads to a dull life? HackSchooling. Actually, you do not need to “Teach” your kids anything, they will do it themselves. Children already have a curiosity to learn about the world around them and they are alway, ALWAYS, way ahead of the adults around them. All we have to do as parents, educators or mentors is to support them in their interests. Give them the opportunity to try out lots of things.

For Christ Sake, buy them an iPad if they want one, I promise it won’t melt their brains. 

Oh and by the way…

There IS learning value in watching TV, DVD’s, Playing Computer Games and having an Instagram account.

These are the tools kids use to HACK their education, in between that dull stuff they do at school all day, or that dull Homeschooling curriculum they are forced to follow. They are doing it right now, right under your nose, whether you approve or not. Kids are clever and thankfully, if they want to do something, they will find a way to do it.

And, once they have secured Hackschooling they can move onto Hacking College, but that’s another post.

Happy Hacking!



4 thoughts on “HackSchooling; The Best Thing You Can Teach Your Kids

  1. Totally agree! We have only just begun our home schooling journey and Cherry is only four but already it’s clear that this is the way she is going to learn. If I ever try and ask her to sit down and do something she won’t but she chooses when she wants to do her letter games or practice writing letters and she loves it then. Kids learn an entire language in the first few years of their life yet people seem to think they can’t learn anything else with being in mainstream schooling! Kids are amazing and can learn whatever they want as long as they are allowed to choose it themselves! x

    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing your story about Cherry. She’s obviously got a great parent who will respect her learning style.

  2. I’m 21 years old and I have been educated in England and I totally agree with this. I think My whole primary and early secondary school years were wasted by what the curriculum deemed to be worth learning. For example, when I was in Year 7-9 (age 11-13) history was one of the subjects I really disliked. Whilst it was interesting to learn about British history and culture, I should have been given the opportunity to be introduced to a wide spectrum of histories in various cultures. When I left school at 18 one summer I began researching the history of Islam and Muslim civilisations and their great Mathematics, Scientific, Philosophical and other achievements during the Golden Ages. I know if I knew about these – being a Muslim myself – it may have motivated me to do better in these subjects. I do not know why I was deprived of learning about this earlier on in my schooling. I really want to give my future children something different because I want my children to be free from social pressures and also free from being taught irrelevant material. I think the most important subjects are Mathematics, English, Sociology and then anything that a child may have interest in; these interests will rely on experiences. In my view this means that when the child has finished studying for Mathematics, English, and Sociology, they should be given as much opportunities to experience a wide spectrum of things the Earth offers which potential could lead to a pathway towards a successful career.

    1. Thank you for your comment Adam. It is good to read your experience of education. To me, it seems ridiculous that everyone learns the same subjects. What wonderful talents is this country, this world, missing out on by not allowing children to follow their own interests. I know many people, including myself, who only found out what their unique skills were after they had left school. All those years wasted in lessons that bored me senseless when I could have been having an amazing adventure learning about myself and what I was good at. At least some people like us are determined not to allow our own children’s passion for learning be squashed by main stream education. Your future children will be very blessed to have a dad like you.

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