Helping Children Heal From the Trauma of School


Recently, Jason (hubby) has been running Film Making and Digital Media workshops for Home Educated children around our kitchen table (luckily, we have a large kitchen table). I have been running Arts Awards for Home Educated children for the past year.

The best thing about running these workshops is meeting the children. Their ages range from 7 – 14 years and they come from all over the county and beyond. Many of them have never met us before. Some, of the children come bounding in through our front door and start chatting away to us about who they are, what they are interested in and asking lots of questions. Other children are more reserved, especially many of the older boys. One of my most favourite parts of running these workshops is about 20 minutes in and I see the boy who couldn’t even meet my eyes when he came through the front door, start to smile, their shoulders relax and start having fun.


Some of the children often share their experiences of school and it is heart breaking to hear.  They have been made to feel stupid and worthless. They have been blamed by the school and teachers for not being able to learn. If I could  video our workshops and send it to the schools they would see a very different story. These children’s creativity, focus and engagement is awesome to witness and here’s why….Jason and I treat young people of all ages with respect, we do not put ourselves in an authoritian role. We are not there to “Teach”, but to help each child discover they own individual creativity by giving them the skills and tools to do so. By working in partnership with children, we create a space where they feel heard and respected. And, I like to think we help them rediscover their self worth and help them heal from the trauma of school.

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