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Our son 9 year old has decided he would like to learn to read. We have never pushed him to learn as forced learning achieves nothing, but resentment and possible learning disabilities. Now, he wants to read the instructions on his favorite video games without having to ask another member of the family for help. The impulse to learn is coming from him as he finds an actual reason to read.

I’m sure most people have heard of Reading Eggs. It’s a great reading package but it tends to be a bit babyish for older children and this seems to be the problem with many reading packages on the market, luckily we found Planet Lettra. I only ever review and recommend companies and products on my blog that I and my family enjoy and like, so after discovering Planet Lettra I asked it’s creator, Greg McDonald if he would be happy for me to review the app.


One of the best things about Planet Lettra is that was created by an homeschooling/unschooling dad, Greg McDonald. Greg gets that not all kids learn to read at the same time and so he has created a reading app that appeals to all ages. And, when I say ALL ages, I also mean adults. I have to admit, so far, I may have spent more time on Planet Lettra then our children. It is very addictive (in a good way) and I find it meditative, but enough about me and back to the kids. Another great thing about Planet Lettra is that there are no patronising cartoon characters saying “Good Job” which frankly, our son finds insulting.


Here is what Greg has to say about his app:

“The idea for “Planet Lettra” came from a game my children liked to play during our own homeschooling years. They loved making the computer say things using text-to-speech but struggled with the keyboard. By using letter-filled bubbles that you drag around and bump together to build words, “Planet Lettra” avoids the keyboard frustration. There are different areas of the planet to explore and creatures to discover. It is more of a digital environment for exploring letters and words than a game: it has no rules, no levels, no in-app purchases or advertising.”


Planet Lettra was also reviewed by Best Apps For Kids:

“Planet Lettra is an outstanding app that will help young readers develop an intuitive understanding of phonics and word analysis skills in a playful, encouraging environment”


Here Greg explains a little more about how Planet Lettra works:




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One thought on “Best Reading Apps – Planet Lettra – The New Kid On The Block

  1. If you ran for president of the world, I would
    vote for you. If you became designer of programs
    for children around the world, I would be in your class.
    You are not just a “teacher,’ you are an example of a
    living child, ageless, alive, playful, aware and respectful
    of all people, no matter their age.

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