In his interview with Chase Jarvis, Marketing guru, Gary Vaynerchuk says schools are teaching pointless shit, I’m paraphrasing, but that is the base line.

Schools, are getting children to remember facts in a world where you can access anything you need to know in a second, on your Smart Phone. A creative mind, a developed imagination, independent thinking are all skills companies are now looking for in employees. So, why on earth are schools still teaching facts about stuff that is not relevant.

A few years ago, our daughter tried out secondary school. One of her homework assignments was to find out who invented the Microscope and label a diagram of a Microscope drawn on a worksheet. It was so boring, that guess who ended up completing the assignment, yep, me! And, it was one of the most tedious tasks I have ever encountered. I had to research the history of the Microscope on the internet and then write up the “Facts” on a worksheet, frankly, I couldn’t see the point. Why couldn’t my daughter had just taken her laptop into school and shown the websites to her teacher, “You wanted me to find out about the Microscope, here, take a look“.  My daughter lasted three weeks in that school before she asked to be pulled out.

This is why my children are not in school and will not be studying exams. So, what are my children going to do with their lives?

They are both very creative. At present, our eight year old son can not decide whether he wants to be a Lego Designer, Game Designer, Minecraft Youtuber or survival expert like Bear Grylls. Our daughter is just about to start her own Unschooling Youtube channel. After, sharing with her some of the things I have found out about marketing, she is coming up with ideas that are blowing my mind. My children navigate social media, utilise Google and Youtube with such ease, it is second nature to them.  All, I have to do is point them in the right direction, by learning all I can about creative Marketing from amazing people like Isaac Morehouse, T.K. Coleman and the team at Praxis, and the rather awesome, Gary Vaynerchuk

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