I am an unschooling Ninja and I am really good at it. I am not into us unschooling and home schooling parents putting ourselves down, we are Master Ninja’s. We hold our children’s learning and passions in our awareness 24/7.


When, an opportunity to support our children in their interests presents itself, we seize upon it and we are awesome at creating opportunities where there seems to be none. How many times have you searched the internet looking for discount coupons to get into that “Take out a second mortgage” priced show or exhibition (Minecon!!!!) or found that a museum will do a “School group discount” so you put the call out on Facebook and spend hours, organising time and dates that suit everyone.


One of our supreme Ninja powers is knowing what our children are going to be interested in, before they fully realise it themselves. It is amazing, how that book about Time Travel arrived on the kitchen table, just a few days after your child mentioned they liked Dr WHO. I love surprising and delighting my children with my unschooling Ninja skills.


Yesterday, in just one evening:

  • I stumbled upon the BBC’s series on London Fashion week and noted them down for our daughter.
  • I found two new Videos on Unschooling on Youtube, that both of our children will enjoy.
  • I discovered new filter apps for our daughter’s own fashion shots.
  • I found old video footage of our son’s first steps, something he has been asking about.


We Ninja Unschoolers always have a “Can do” attitude. We believe, it IS possible to leap over mountains and swim across icy rivers if that is where your path leads you.


We know the journey is more important than the gaol. That learning is not about producing a product, but enjoying the process.


Choosing not to send your children to school can mean you have to survive as a low income family, but that just makes our Ninja skills more acute as we find ways to do Homeschooling/Unschooling on a budget.  So, rather than comparing ourselves to others and worry if we are doing enough for our children, let’s celebrate being the great Ninjas we all are.





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2 thoughts on “I Am An Unschooling Ninja

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, glad you enjoyed the post. I used to think home schooling was a crazy idea that was just before we decided to give it a go seven years ago. It makes me laugh how far we have come.

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