Sometimes, I see what other home schooling or unschooling families are doing and feel like I am not doing enough.


Being a home educating parent, means we take on the responsibility for our children’s education in a way that those parents who send their children to school rarely need to. The pressure to do the very best for our children can often result in Home Ed “Burn out” for the parent and sometimes, for the children too.  I know the panic of feeling we should be doing more and the frantic searching to find activities to sign our children up to. But, in all this rushing about what are we losing?


I recently came across the book “In Praise of Slow” by Carl Honore. Carl’s moment of revelation came while standing in line at an airport and reading a newspaper headline about the “One minute bedtime story“. The article was about a series of books that had condensed the traditional fairytale into sixty seconds to make bedtime routine faster for parents pushed for time. As Carl considered how quickly he could place an Amazon order, he had another thought…”Have I gone completely insane!“.


As I continue to read Carl Honore’s book, I just can’t help wondering about my own life “Speed”.


A few days ago, my son and I sat in the car while Jason went to get something he needed from a nearby shop. As soon as he had shut the car door, out came my smartphone,


“It’s not phone time, it’s cuddle time” said my son clearly, as he climbed through to the front of the car and sat on my lap. I put my smart phone down.


I have become one of those people who fills in any spare minute with their smartphone. Darn it!


I have also become one of those parents who’s reply to nearly all our son’s questions or requests is “In a minute!“.  I am constantly busy, my husband is constantly busy and the worse thing is…I’m not sure I know how to stop being busy. Here in the  western, we live in a society that is based on speed. It’s like a trap and getting out of it seems impossible. I imagine if I slow down, the dishes will pile up in the sink, there will be mountains of washing and everyone in dirty clothes, the dog and chickens will starve to death, our children will starve to death, we will never leave the house, and never see another human being again. Okay, I might be being a little over dramatic, but you get the picture.


Our lives are set up for speed not slowness. But, I am determined to SLOW DOWN and be present with our children. Maybe, it’s about letting go of feeling we have to be doing things all the time. Maybe, it’s letting go of the pressure of arranging “Play dates” every week for both our children and just letting things happen spontaneously.

I have a feeling that “Slow” Home Schooling has something to do with Letting Go and Going with the FLOW, as much as we can. 


If you would like to find out more about ” In Praise of Slow” click the image below:

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3 thoughts on “In Praise of SLOW Home Schooling

  1. I am taking it in small steps Erin. Putting my phone down when either of our children come to ask me something or talk to me, even if I am in the middle of a text or email.

  2. We are all vulnerable to FOMO (fear of missing out) either for ourselves our on behalf of our kids. Being able to name the feeling and step back from it to refocus on our family is so important. Thanks for this piece. BTW, I loved the Carl Honoré book.

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