Our daughter doesn’t want to go to college. At present, she wants to make clothes and own a shop, that’s it, so simple. But, this simple dream can feel rather scary to a parent. “Can my child really do this without going to college?” is a thought that often pops into my head. I used to have moments of panic because even though I respect our daughter’s choice not to attend college, I knew it meant the responsibility of making sure she realised her dreams fell on my shoulders alone and that felt huge. So, you can imagine my relief when I found out about a great online programme called the Praxis Teen Entrepreneurship Course . It’s a course for young people aged 14 – 18 yrs old which offers an online curriculum which can be done at their own pace.


Have you heard of Praxis? No? Don’t worry, neither had I until a year ago when I came across an article called ‘Playing with Legos is More Valuable than Learning Algebra’ by Founder and CEO of Praxis, Isaac Morehouse. Isaac homeschools/unschools his children and in his article he states:


“In school you’re rewarded for finding the right answers to questions you don’t care about. Neither does anyone else except (maybe) your teacher. In the market place where you’ll spend most of your life working and interacting, no one cares about whether you’re right on some arbitrary scale. They care about value creation. Playing with Legos imparts this lesson. No kid gives two hoots about the method you use for finding and snapping together pieces. What matters is the beauty, originality, and functionality of the end result. Did you make something awesome? Everything else is negotiable and can be experimented with, but the ultimate test is whether you created something valuable to yourself and others. Not in theory, but in the real world. That’s a kind of “show your work” I can get behind.”


I really liked what Isaac had to say about education and so I decided to find out more about what Praxis was all about. Praxis offers a 12 month Entrepreneur training programme for those who choose not to take the college route, but instead want something different. Over the past year, I have contacted both Isaac and Praxis’s Education Director, T.K. Coleman with questions about being a creative person and knowing how to “Market” yourself…something not many students are taught in college, especially Art College.  Isaac and T.K. were happy to answer my questions and gave some useful advice. I love this from Isaac: “I tell people all that matters are two things: how much value you can create, and how well you can communicate your value creating ability to the right people.



Within the next couple of months, our 14 year old daughter will be enrolling in the Praxis Teen Entrepreneurship Course. We are all very excited! I’m going to be reviewing the course on my blog so you can share in our daughter’s experience of becoming a young entrepreneur and hopefully find a clear path to achieve her dreams with these personal development challenges from Praxis. I’m also praying that she will find the courage to complete the course so she can have a free 20 minutes coaching session with T.K….what a gift!


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5 thoughts on “Is Your Child A Budding Entrepreneur?

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It sounds like a great course.
    To be honest, I think that knowing what she wants to do with her life at 14 would be a sign that you don’t need to worry about your daughter.
    Of course, she might change her mind about the details, but being able to consider her own skills and interests and make a realistic plan is fantastic! It sounds to me like she’s already taking responsibility for her own future. Many people take a lot longer to get there.

    1. Thank for your comment Rosemary. We are very excited to start the Praxis teen course and will keep everyone updated on how it goes. I think learning these skills at such a young age is so valuable.

  2. I will be interested to see how this goes. My son is back and forth, but if he’s anything like me, it would be good for him to have some training instead of the school of hard knocks – my alma mater.

  3. Luminara,
    Thanks for sharing! I started a lawn care business when I was in 12, I don’t do lawn care anymore but I do run my own business. I think starting a business when you are younger is a great thing because you will learn a lot that you don’t learn in school. She can make some money but for now it is more about learning the basics of business, meeting other people in the industry (which maybe later she will change) – but she will learn that she can do anything she sets her mind too – if she wants a little shop that allows her to make a living it is possible, if she wants to build the next world famous fashion brand it is possible – just depends on how hard she wants to work to get it – and she will learn what she wants by trying it! Keep us updated!

    1. Thank you for your comment Matt. I read it to my daughter. It’s alway good to have encouragement from others who have experience in running their own business. We are very excited to start the Praxis Teen Course and will certainly keep everyone updated on how it goes. many thanks Luminara

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