Slowing down
Being Together

In my last post, In Praise of SLOW Homeschooling, I spoke about my intention to slow down, switch my iPhone off more often and be present with my children. These past couple weeks, I have being doing just that and something amazing happened…I noticed the way I speak.


I noticed my tone of voice; when it was dismissive, irritable or sarcastic. I noticed when my words were negative or blaming. I started to pause before I spoke rather than reacting immediately. I bit my tongue when I was tempted to interfere rather than let our children make their own decision, even if I thought they were impractical  (not wearing a warm jacket to dance class!).  Often, our children will say, “MUM, stop fussing, I got this!” I admit, I do have a tendency to be a bit of a control freak.


It’s not easy slowing down. I have a TO DO list on my iPhone and I like to be able to clear at least three things off it by the end of each day. But, I am trying to hold “Slowness” in my awareness each day and sometimes, this means making a choice between washing the dog’s muddy paw prints off the kitchen floor or sitting down for an hour and half to watch a movie with our son.  I have been choosing being with our son. I have to say buying NETFLIX for two months has had a positive effect on my slowness. My son and I have so far watched all three “Home Alone” movies and “Johnny English”.  If, I had chosen to wash the kitchen floor instead, I would have missed cuddling up with our son, eating chocolate and us both roaring with laughter as the robbers yet again get outwitted by a nine year old, and the worse spy ever, pulls down the underpants of the Arch Bishop of Canterbury!

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