“For money, you sell the hours and the days of your life, which are the only true wealth you have. You sell the sunshine, the dawn and the dusk, the moon and the stars, the wind and the rain, the green fields and the flowers, the rivers, and the sweet fresh air. You sell health and joy and freedom” – Hope Bourne


At the age of 52, Hope Bourne moved to a caravan in the wilds of Exmoor. She stayed there for 24 years with her rifle and her paintbrush. She shot her own food because she couldn’t afford to raise and feed her own animals. She earned a small amount of money from writing and painting which she spent on matches, bullets and a weekly loaf of bread. Although, Hope had left the cities and towns behind she had many friends amongst the farming community on the moor.


Why am I sharing this story about Hope Bourne with you? Because when many of us decided not to send our children to school and raise them ourselves, we may lose out financially but we gain so much more. I left a promising career as a Steiner Waldorf School teacher to Unschool our children.


Sometimes, I wonder where I would be now if I hadn’t made the decision to be with our children: a stable, regular income, promotion prospects, a pension plan. At the time, I loved my teaching job. Nearly ten years on, and I believe leaving this job as one of best decisions I ever made. We may not be rich financially but we are certainly rich in many other ways.


To be completely honest, I probably would have never stuck at my teaching job long enough to be promoted or even get a good pension plan because I’ve always valued my freedom too much. In my early twenties, I used to work in an insurance office. I did so for years and hated every minute of it, one day I quit and enrolled in Art College instead. Even there I sometimes came to blows with tutors over me liking to “Keep my own hours”, but they gave me enough freedom to warrant me to stay and graduate.


I didn’t choose to “Unschool” our children, they lead us to this way of living naturally by following their own souls need for freedom. Maybe, because there is no other way our souls will allow us to live on this planet. Like Hope Bourne, we traded money for freedom and if we end up living in a caravan on Exmoor or Dartmoor or on a mountain in Wales, hunting or raising our own animals for food, then at least we will be free. You’re all welcome to come stay with us too!

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