How To Feel Better About Your HomeSchooling Life

Often, many of us Home Educators feel we are not doing enough with our children. We worry, that we are not providing the opportunities our children need to learn about the world. This, I believe is a good time to look back over the family, digital photo album. I find myself doing this after each season has passed, it is something I started to do naturally a couple of years ago and I am always pleasantly surprised. By taking time to reflect on where you have been, who you have met, and the things you have done, you may find you have provided a lot more fun learning opportunities for your children than you realised.

Children do not need grand, expensive outings, sometimes just a trip to a woods or a beach can turn into a learning adventure.

My family love museums. Some are free and the ones that are not, will often give a discount for Home Educators or do special offers at certain times. My advice is always to Google the museum you want to visit just in case there is a discount voucher available. One of the first trips we did this early summer (While everyone else was still in school) was to the American Museum in Bath. Facebook was offering a discount code for entrance fees so it was an opportunity we could not refuse.

The American Museum is now one of my favourite museums. Every room is a feast for the eyes, as beautiful colours and patterns fill the space. I really could visit this museum every day for a year and find something new, I had not noticed before. The Museum is famous for its American Quilt Collection and it did not disappoint. We were struck by the detail and skill of each handmade quilt. The quilts also conveyed the sense of community which our modern world has lost, as Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and friends would spend days, weeks, months working together on one quilt.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that our eight year old son, knew rather a lot about Native American history and confidently, chatted with the museum attendant about Mohawk battleships. I do not know where he acquired his knowledge, as I can not recall teaching him about the subject. More evidence that children can learn by themselves, when given a rich environment and an iPad!

Enjoy the Photos and you have my permission to giggle at me dressed up as an American Pioneer!









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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with looking through photos as a boost. I do this every now and then: it really helps to see all the great learning stuff we’ve done, all the places we’ve been (and our Elective Home Ed Officer gets bombarded with them the one time every couple of years that she visits)

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