How to Make Governments Afraid of Your Children

In many countries, Home Education is illegal. That’s how frightened governments are of Free Thinkers, because if you do not go to school:

  • They can not control what materials you have access to.
  • They can not control what you learn or how you think.  
  • They can not mould you into the perfect, conformist citizen that will never try to think “Outside the Box”.
  • They can not teach you, that to be a “Successful” human being you must: past exams, get the grades, go to college, be in debt. 
  • They can not teach you, that you must find a job, buy a house, be in debt, buy a car, be in debt.

Of course, some children refuse to conform even if they are sent to school, those are the ones who can not be fooled. Instead, they are told there is something “Wrong” with them, they are the ones who do not fit in.  These children are analysed, diagnosed and given labels, often medicated, but really they are non-conformists, Free Thinkers.



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