LEGO Star Wars & Awesome Cakes!

We have lived in Somerset for ten years, but originally we are from Cardiff in South Wales, where our children’s grandparents still live. We visit often throughout the year and it just so happens Cardiff is also where our nearest LEGO shop is (2 hours away). The LEGO shop is like a pilgrimage for us as we prepare to marvel at their latest window displays which never disappoint. Look what we found on our most recent visit….so AWESOME!







We also found these amazing cakes in another shop window. Yes, that is an AT-AT cake…WOW!



You see the pretty wedding cake in the corner of the photo above, this is what the other side of that cake looked like. I wish I’d had one of these at my wedding.


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2 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars & Awesome Cakes!

  1. Your way of seeing children, schooling and the world, is
    the way of all children everywhere. When we listen they
    will tell us. When we listen to our selves, inside, we will
    feel a great sense of relief and presence. Thank you.

  2. Love how you lay out your posts.

    I’ve been hanging out with my three for nearly 11 years now.

    The youngest of which is a proud owner of Boba Slave 1 the lego set in your picture.

    My eldest and I had a funDoctor Who sleepover in Cardiff in May and we’re coming back at the end of the month. Doctor Who is her thing atm.

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