Our NOT Back to School Day

In seven days time, children across the U.K. will be woken up at a time they did not choose to wake up, put on clothes they did not choose to wear, walk through school gates they did not choose to walk through and learn about stuff they did not choose to learn about.

In our house, Not Back To School Day will look like this:

  • Everyone will wake and get out of bed when they are ready.
  • Everyone will make their own breakfast (I don’t DO breakfast)
  • Everyone will get dressed at some point during the day.
  • Someone, usually our son, will join me on the morning dog walk
  • Some chores are done (as little as we can get away with)
  • Our daughter will disappear to her room for most of the day, working on her Youtube Channel or art work or dancing.
  • Our son will disappear to his room to build with Lego, play Minecraft and watch Youtube videos on Star wars.
  • The grown ups make Lunch and we will actually get to see our daughter for fifteen minutes, (More, if she wants help on a project.)
  • After lunch, someone or everyone, might hang out with a friend, go for a walk, look around the charity shops, watch a movie or write a blog post, make a video blog, eat some chocolate, play with the dog, play with more Lego.
  • Occasionally, someone or everyone will visit a museum or library, bake some cakes, make a Lasagna, help weed the garden, harvest garden veggies, and fruits, make Jam….actually, the Jam making only happened once.
  • The grown ups make Dinner – everyone chats, laughs, argues and helps clear up (sometimes).
  • The day ends with a slow bedtime for everyone, often with much silliness involved and Always, Always, more chocolate for me!

Summer will seamlessly pass into Autumn and Autumn into Winter and Winter into Spring and so on.

We will not be going to the store to get “Back To School” bargains. We will have no idea when Half Terms start and finish; Apart from noticing the swimming pool getting busier. We do not spend our weekdays wishing for the weekend because every day is a Saturday. We play, explore, hang out together, hang out by ourselves because we are free to follow our own interests.

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