Adora Svitak is an amazing young woman. She speaks a truth that many of us Unschooling parents feel in our bones.

Children have the ability to think beyond the limits of the generation who gave birth to them. This, is the way it has always been. Our children hold a future world in their hands, that does not belong to us. And, yet schools try to destroy this future as they force children to learn in ways that the adult world believes they should learn. Just imagine how much human potential is being squashed by our school system, how much further would we be in the evolution of humankind if children were allowed to learn in a way that was natural to them, rather than being limited to a standardised curriculum. The human race might not be in the trouble it is today.

Am I saying schools are holding back the evolution of the human race? Well, yes actually, I am. The current school system is over a 100 yrs old and it belongs in the past.

It is time we stop treating children like they are fools and allow them the freedom to fulfil their potential and maybe, save the world.



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