NOT the Perfect Homeschooling Family

Recently, I have been going through my ‘Inbox’ and looking at all the home education blogs I am signed up to. I have been bringing my awareness to the feelings inside my body when I read them. If I catch myself sighing heavily and the energy leaving my body then I hit the “Unfollow” button. […]

I Love all the Stuff Parents are Supposed to Hate

I recently read an article titled, Playing with Legos is More Valuable than Learning Algebra by Isaac M. Morehouse who was homeschooled (Unschooled) as a child. I have to say, I totally agree with him. Lego, like Minecraft, Youtube and Computer Games is supposed to be one of those things parents hate, but I love them. […]

School: Prison By Another Name

After attending school for six months, the five year old girl turned to her mother and said, “You know Mum, I just don’t get school…..We have to stand in line in Alphabetical order. We can’t eat when we want to. We have to freeze like statues when they blow a whistle in the playground AND […]

A Free Range Education

  When people find out we are a home educating family their reaction is often one of surprise. When, I then tell them we do not use a curriculum, we do not have a learning schedule or a yearly plan, their look often turns from one of surprise into something between confusion, disbelief and fear. […]

Pushing Children to Succeed

Why do we push children so hard in the name of “Success”? What is being “Successful” anyway? It was not until recently, that I realised I am a rather pushy parent. I home educate our two children and therefore, I believe it is my responsibly to make sure they both “Succeed” in life. I see […]