Is It OK To Be Friends With Your Children?

I recently, read a post on Facebook by Kristie Liberti-Reinheld on Partnership parenting. One line stood out for me….“It is ok to be their (your children’s) friend and parent”.  When, I Googled “Be friends with your children“, it saddened me to see, there were more articles on why you shouldn’t be friends with your children, than there were […]


NOT the Perfect Homeschooling Family

Recently, I have been going through my ‘Inbox’ and looking at all the home education blogs I am signed up to. I have been bringing my awareness to the feelings inside my body when I read them. If I catch myself sighing heavily and the energy leaving my body then I hit the “Unfollow” button. […]

How to Make Governments Afraid of Your Children

In many countries, Home Education is illegal. That’s how frightened governments are of Free Thinkers, because if you do not go to school: They can not control what materials you have access to. They can not control what you learn or how you think.   They can not mould you into the perfect, conformist citizen […]

Busy Doing Nothing

  Each morning, my children ask “What are we doing today?“, my favourite days are when I can answer “Nothing!”. I love Nothing days. Of course, there is actually no such thing as a Nothing day in our home, with walking the dog, cooking, cleaning, gardening, writing blog posts, but when it can all be […]

I Love all the Stuff Parents are Supposed to Hate

I recently read an article titled, Playing with Legos is More Valuable than Learning Algebra by Isaac M. Morehouse who was homeschooled (Unschooled) as a child. I have to say, I totally agree with him. Lego, like Minecraft, Youtube and Computer Games is supposed to be one of those things parents hate, but I love them. […]

School: Prison By Another Name

After attending school for six months, the five year old girl turned to her mother and said, “You know Mum, I just don’t get school…..We have to stand in line in Alphabetical order. We can’t eat when we want to. We have to freeze like statues when they blow a whistle in the playground AND […]

“I Don’t Want to Learn How to Tell the Time”

  A seven year old, unschooled girl turned to her mother one day and said: “I don’t want to learn how to tell the time, because if I do, I will know time is passing, and if I know time is passing, I will know I’m getting older, and if I know I’m getting older, […]

A Free Range Education

  When people find out we are a home educating family their reaction is often one of surprise. When, I then tell them we do not use a curriculum, we do not have a learning schedule or a yearly plan, their look often turns from one of surprise into something between confusion, disbelief and fear. […]

Pushing Children to Succeed

Why do we push children so hard in the name of “Success”? What is being “Successful” anyway? It was not until recently, that I realised I am a rather pushy parent. I home educate our two children and therefore, I believe it is my responsibly to make sure they both “Succeed” in life. I see […]