The Reluctant Unschooling Gardener

In my ideal “Unschooling” life, when I ask my children each Spring to help me plant seeds for our veggie garden, they reply gleefully, “Of course, we would love to”, then we all skip out to the garden and get earth under our fingernails as we fill pots  with soil and plant seeds. Back to reality….when I asked “Who wants to help me?” the reply is mostly “NO!“. So, each Spring I reluctantly plant all the seeds by myself, along with the weeding, watering, digging and pruning.

It is hard work and frankly, I would much rather being doing something else. I am the Reluctant Unschooling Gardener. 

Why bother? you might be thinking. You are right, every year I promise myself, I am not going to plant veggies or at least take a year off, but then I remember the Harvest from the previous year and I just can not bring myself not to plant again. I remember, the joy of walking into the garden, picking a cucumber and chopping it up to put straight onto a plate for lunch. I remember, having so many beans, courgettes, and plums that you start sharing them with your neighbours and friends, sometimes swapping beans for broccoli and getting to know each other a little better each time. I remember, our son idly picking and eating peas from their pods while playing in the garden on a summer’s day. THIS, is why I plant vegetables every year.

I like to think, (although, I might be wrong) that even though my children choose not to help me plant our garden, they witness me putting in the hard work to gain something beautiful at the end. They might learn that sometimes, we have to do stuff we do not like that much, to get to the thing we like a lot. “A Means to an End” kind of thing.

I would also like to say, I may be a reluctant veggie gardener, but I am also a completely blissful, romantic flower gardener who can often be found in the garden, visiting each flower I have planted, leaning in close and whispering into their petals “You are so beautiful!” 

2 thoughts on “The Reluctant Unschooling Gardener

  1. i think the do learn. I know my kids watch what I do when I see Hannah copy something I do, or when Lucas comes out with a comment I say. I am certain they see what you do so lovingly and consistently and will hold that memory for the future even if they aren’t using it now. X

  2. So sorry darling.. I thought I had already commeneted here xxx I too have some what reluctant garden helpers, they are all for it untill they have to do any real work! Thankyou so much for lining up with #busydoinglife hope you can join me again tomorrow?!

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