How Unschooling Your Child May Help Make A Better World And Save The Planet. Okay, I know this may sound like a bold claim and I’m sure many children who are not unschooled could equally grow up and save the planet, but when I think about what unschooling means I can’t help but imagine how these children are going to be in this world. Many of us Unschooling advocates talk a lot about the benefits unschooling has on the child but we don’t often talk about how our choice to unschool might affect our communities and the larger world.


If I were asked to sum up unschooling in one word that word would be FREEDOM.  Unschooled children are free to explore who they truly are and pursue the things in the world that interest them without the interference of any adult agenda.  They are not slaves to curriculum schedules or timetables or weekly plans. They are not slaves to the clock. Unschooled children sleep when they are sleepy, eat when they are hungry and wear whatever feels right for them, even if that means staying in Pj’s all day.  We are essentially supporting our children to become human beings whose minds and bodies are not controlled by outside forces but by their own understanding and experience of what it means to be alive on this planet.


Most unschooled children don’t see themselves as being “Unschooled”, that’s just a label us adults have adopted so we can find our tribe on Google and at Home Ed groups. If you ask our children “How do you learn?” they will probably look at you in a confused way and reply, “I just live my life“. This is because unschooled children don’t see learning as separate from living; the idea that you would go to a building with walls and sit all day behind a desk listening to an adult standing in front of the room to “Learn” seems completely alien and nonsensical to these children. Unschooled children have complete control over What and Who they learn from. This is a concept that frightens most governments and corporations because free thinking people who are in control of the information they are exposed to and are pretty much immune to brainwashing and media spin.



I think most of us would agree that the world needs change. The current systems of economics, education, and politics isn’t working for us the human species anymore (if it ever did).  The gap between the rich and poor is becoming wider, right wing politics has become prevalent in a time of heightened fear and racism, big corporations are raping the earth of its minerals and precious stones. Indigenous people are losing their homes and the planet is losing the rain forest to Palm oil plantations. Meanwhile, drug barons are moving into the Beef industry murdering anyone who stands up to protest against the destruction of the rain forest to supply the world with its cheese burgers. And let’s not forget, climate change threatens our whole existence on this planet. Looks pretty grim, doesn’t it?


More than ever we need a generation of young people who think differently. The world needs human beings who are connected to their hearts and have the ability to think creatively. Both of which main stream education does not support. We don’t need another generation of children educated to believe that worthiness and success is earned by competing against each other. This Dog Eat Dog mentality is the reason the world is in such a mess in the first place. To be connected to their hearts, our children need to like who they are. They need to feel their voices are worthy of being heard and their feelings treated with respect. Most parents who choose the unschooling path do so because they know in their own hearts that the old paradigm of treating children like second class citizens, needs to end. When our children feel respected they also respect others. When we listen to our children’s voices, they will listen to the voices of others. When we support our children’s right to Freedom, they will fight for the Freedom of others.  When we show our children kindness, they will be kind to others.  These are the human beings the world is waiting for, these are the human beings that will save the planet.





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