Unschooling and Conscious Parenting Coaching


Unschooling can free parents and children up, to tap into their creative selves, allow children of any age, to self-discover their natural talents and gifts. Unschooling is another term for learning to trust oneself, feel deeply, collaborate respectfully with others whatever their age, transcend labels and easily make decisions with confidence that are for the highest good of everyone involved. Self-motivation, inspiration and personal relationships are valued and meet the needs of the world we live in…..caring for each other.” – Dr Bruce Scott, Family Therapist and Author of FREE THE CHILDREN


Unschooling and Conscious Parenting Coaching

with Luminara



I help parents who desire to live and learn with their children in a way that is freeing, joyful and respectful. Who wish to work in partnership with children in exploring this amazing world and all it has to offer.




Being a parent can be both joyful and overwhelming. Full of wonder and sometimes, confusion. We are all on a continuous learning journey and our children are here to teach us. Sometimes, we may feel the need to seek advice, support, and an emotional hug. Some families I meet with are just beginning their homeschooling journey after experiencing frustration and despair with the school system and are wondering what to do next. Other families have been home educating for a while but have reached a place where they need some support in making the transition from traditional Homeschooling to Unschooling.


Conscious Parenting and Unschooling often go hand in hand. Unschooling respects the child’s right to choose “What” and “How” to learn. Conscious Parenting frees parents from old paradigm, authoritarian beliefs about the role of the parent and respects the child’s right to choose how to live their life, free from arbitrary rules.


I offer Unschooling and Conscious Parenting Coaching sessions via telephone, Skype or one to one visits. After an initial interview with your family, we will discuss issues such as:


  • Deschooling
  • How to let go of Control, and Trust your children
  • Helping Children Find Their Life Passion and Purpose
  • Dealing with other people’s reactions to your choice to Unschool
  • Living in Harmony with one another

And, answer any specific questions you may have about Unschooling and using a Conscious Parenting approach.


Please use the contact form below to ask any questions and book a consultation.

A consultation last for two hours and is charged at £120.