Unschooling in the Kitchen

Recently, our daughter has been asking to learn to cook. My reaction to this is Hooray! I have never enjoyed cooking or baking, but I do like us to eat healthy food made from fresh ingredients, so I cook. As our daughter has shown an interest, I suggested she took out the recipe book her grandmother gave her last Christmas and write down the ingredients for three lunchtime dishes, which we would buy when we did our next food shop. It was fun to shop together, with my daughter reading from her own shopping list the ingredients she needed.

Today, we were treated to her first meal of the week. Muffins with ham, cheese and egg, they were delicious. Once, we had finished and cleared the table I turned to our daughter and said, “Thank you, I really appreciate you making this meal for us”. She smiled.







This recipe came from the cook book: DK Children’s CookBook which you can find on our resources page.



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6 thoughts on “Unschooling in the Kitchen

  1. I share your joy. My son recently made the family meatloaf and mashed potatoes while I was away taking care of my Mom. He even posted pictures on Facebook! It’s so awesome to watch your kids begin to take on the tasks of adults when they feel the calling. When I was single and childless, I rarely cooked or cleaned regularly. When I became a wife I felt compelled to take on more adult responsibilities. As the kids came along my responsibilities grew. It seems that works for kids as well. I wasn’t home. Someone needed to make dinner. He felt the need to do so and filled in. And in my heart I squealed, “It’s working!”

    1. You are so right Michelle. As mothers we often do everything ourselves and that makes our children feel like there is no room for them to step in. My own mother was a single mum who worked as a teacher, she would have lots of marking to do at the end of the day so I helped out. I like it. It came me a sense independence.

  2. How exciting, M loves cooking, perhapse they could get together and cook themselves a meal? It’s so nice when they decide they want to learn to do something isn’t it! Proof once again that they don’t need ‘Teaching’!! Thankyou so much for linking up with me on #busydoinglife it’s so grea to see what you have been up to!! Love to you all xx

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