Unstopping With No Limit: Food

Unschooling with No Limits: Food

We have been inspired by Johleen of Home-Ed Life latest blog post, Deschooling Food.  We tried having no limits on food a few years ago and it didn’t really work out. After reading Johleen’s lovely post about her experiment with Deschooling Food, I called a family meeting. I asked the children if they would like to try this again, how it might work and how we should start. We all agreed that putting “Goodies” on a pedestal as something special was making us crave them more, which encouraged binge eating when we had them in the house. I told the children what Johleen’s boys had for breakfast……

… A veritable feast of chocolate, mangoes, toast (spread with marmite and jam), and snack boxes containing ham, cheese, cucumber, crackers, blueberries and, of course, a marshmallow. Actually, they’re all looking a bit guilty here – like they’re still not sure it’s ok!”

Our children’s reaction was “YUM!”.  They then made a list of all the foods they would like to have in the house and it was not just sugary things, but fruit, nuts and cheese sticks. So, this afternoon I jumped in the car and headed to our local shop to buy a selection of “Goodies”. I already feel more relaxed and no one seems to be clambering for the sugary stuff, expect for me; I’ve  eaten two chocolate bars!  Even though the children know they can help themselves to anything in the cupboard, they have both just come into the kitchen to make a sandwich of wholemeal seeded bread and organic honey.

As a family, we have always celebrated food and spoken about healthy eating. Our children’s favourite meals are Roast Chicken or Curry and they eat most vegetables and like trying new dishes. So, maybe we can trust our children to make the choices that will support them best and let go of control. I’m going to give it a try anyway!

2 thoughts on “Unschooling with No Limits: Food

  1. Hi Luminara, I’m trying this at the moment too. Do you have any updates on how it’s going? I’m interested in looking for more positive stories, and it feels like quite a scary process!

    1. Hi Kate, I have to admit this is a work in process in our house. I realised I need to model healthy behaviours around food first before my children will. I love chocolate, not your healthy dark stuff, but the diary milk kind, which is basically sugar. I’m pretty addicted to the stuff so right now I’m not modelling healthy choices for my kids but I’m working on it. Maybe I’m wrong & my children’s choices have nothing to do with mine but if I am eating it they want it, when I’m not they don’t! Please keep in touch & let me know how you progress, it feels like an important issue of unschooling to discuss for everyone on this path. X

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