Unschooling With The Neighbours

Part of my role as an Unschooling parent, is to find people in our community who are willing to share their interests, talents and skills with our children. One of our neighbours is about to retire and his new venture is Falconry. When I asked if I could bring our children to see his Owls and Hawks, he was delighted. We learnt so much about the birds, much more than if we had just attended a falconry display at an event and he was happy to answer all of our questions. Jason came along with his camera too!




This is Olga, she is an European Eagle Owl and is three years old. There are only five pairs left in the wild in the UK. Olga was raised by our neighbour from a chick and she thinks she is human. She loves to be tickled under the chin!




And, here is Winston. He is a rescued Barn Owl and is eight years old. He may look adorable, but he is known as the grumpy old man so no tickles under the chin for Winston, but he was still a pleasure to admire from afar.






For me, this is what real life learning looks like. Being able to spend time with an expert in their field face to face. There are many people in our communities who have hobbies or jobs that children may find interesting. I’m learning it’s always worth reaching out and asking because most of the time, people are all to happy to share their passions with others.

2 thoughts on “Unschooling With The Neighbours

  1. Luminara,

    These are wonderful photos! I especially like the last one. I imagine it was an amazing experience getting so close to these birds. I have found that most people are very happy to share their knowledge or skills. Like you, we are fortunate to know people who share their interests with our children.

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