“What Do You Do All Day?”

Hmmm…how long have you got?” is my usual reply to this question. It often stops the conversation going any further, but if it didn’t, I would answer:


We go on long dog walks and chat about everything and anything; we don’t care about the rain anymore.


We rush around the house calling to each other to look outside at the bright orange, purple, pink sunset or the garden covered in a frosty blanket or the massive hails stones falling from the sky in April!


We dance and laugh in the rain, snow, and hailstones, before rushing indoors and jumping into a warm bath.


We have baths in the middle of the day and sing at the top of our voices.


We cuddle our dog.


We build with Lego, then says things like “Awesome!” “Amazing!” at the creations that have been made.


We eat roast chicken and Pot Noddles.


We eat lemon drizzle cake for lunch; baked with other unschooled friends who have come to hang out for the WHOLE day.


We excitedly share with each the videos we have found on our Facebook Feed. Some make us laugh, some make us cry. The best and the worse parts of humanity discussed.


We argue, storm out of the room, then apologise and make up.


We drive to the beach, garden centre, craft shop, art gallery, supermarket – whenever we feel like it.


We have endless cups of tea with friends.


I could go on, but I’m not sure how much time you have.


I would love to know which question (s) you get asked the most when people find out you are Unschooling/Homeschooling your children and how you answer them? 




Mr and Mrs T Plus Three


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4 thoughts on “Awkward Unschooling Questions: No.1 “What Do You Do All Day?”

  1. I love this and it actually made me a little emotional reading it. It sounds like you have a wonderful time. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  2. Sounds wonderful. I am at the moment trying to decide between school/home ed for my little 4 year old. Massively leaning toward home ed but I am a bit worried because I don’t know any other local home eders at the moment and I don’t want us all to get lonely. I’m hoping to get to a meet up soon though so hopefully that will put my worries to bed. This was a lovely post to read, I’m so glad I found it through #TheList

    1. Thank you for dropping by and commenting Louise. Glad you enjoyed the post. Being lonely was my greatest concern when we started home schooling but once I found a home ed group it was fine. Facebook is also a great place to find other families home ed. we now know so many HE people that we could see someone everyday if we choose to. Good luck!

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