I’ve had enough of justifying our unschooling life. It’s boring.


I recently read this fabulous post We Don’t Do That School Thing over at Jitterberry.  Two lines stuck out for me….


The absence of school does not leave a deficit to offset.

Our children do not attend school and we do not do anything to compensate for this fact.”


I’m not going to pretend we do lots of exciting things, because frankly we don’t. We just live our lives. That question…”What do you do all day?” is sounding weird to me now.  In fact, it’s such a weird question that I don’t even have a reply for it, although I’m very tempted to say, “It’s none of your god damn business!“.


It’s as though once you happen to let slip that you “Home Educate” your children – I don’t even bother saying Unschool anyore – it’s like “Open Season” to ask you personal questions about you and your children’s lives. You suddenly find yourself being expected to justify your life to the check out girl!

Well, fuck that!


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8 thoughts on “I’ve Had Enough Of Justifying Our Unschooling Life

  1. I guess it is less about whether I go to an organized school, or
    home schooling, then it is about seeing children as
    Shamans and Medicine women. If I were to do my
    childhood over again, I would walk out of my first elementary school
    class room, walk down the hall, and away from the school
    building. I would never go back again. Instead, I would
    get to know the librarian, the police officer, the bus driver,
    the people all around me. I would ask my parents, one or
    both of them, to take me places where I can learn about
    “stuff.” I would ask them to listen well to me, honor me and
    see me as equal. I would ask all adults to talk to me in the same voice they talk to adults
    with. I would ask adult people to be honest rather than nice, to see “me,”
    not my age. I would learn to read by reading, which I did. I would learn
    math by spending time with the amateur carpenter down the street.
    I would know I was always good enough. Actually, much of that happened.
    I would be “seen” by adults as a whole being. People around me would “BE”
    with me rather than raise me. So there.

  2. Definitely none of their business! So tiresome isn’t it? I really can’t be bothered anymore either, I try to avoid getting into any conversations now, far too much negativity and judgement about the unknown, which is a shame. I don’t feel I need to explain myself anymore, because like you said, it’s our life. I’m rubbish speaking on the spot anyway, I always end up talking nonsense, so better for everyone if I just say nothing & move on!!

    1. Thank you Sarah. I’m glad it’s not just me! I also am not very good at responding when on the spot, I don’t spend my day in a “Must defend Unschooling” frame of mind. I’m just getting on with life focusing on my family.

  3. Luminara,

    I give a vague answer and move on when people ask me about what we do all day. Unless of course, there are really interested and looking for info. You’re right: It’s no one else’s business but ours.

  4. I’ve come to understand that human beings are naturally curious which easily morphs into nosiness. We are also hardwired to put label things and attempt to put them into categories. I helped my daughter come up with clever responses to the silly questions you got asked over and over again. I supposed, in many ways, I was encouraging her to be the homeschool ambassador. I still consider myself a homeschool advocate. I advice newbies to prepare themselves for the onslaught of questions and decide ahead of time how they want to respond. Now that my youngest is off to college this year, I am still asked: what do you do all day? But it has an entirely different meaning.

    1. I think it’s a great idea Evelyn to come up with some answers beforehand. We can always tell when a person asks questions from a place a genuine interest or a place of nosiness and judgement.

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