Yesterday, I crossed an edge. That edge was asking strangers for money to support me writing this blog by adding a Donate button to my front page. I hate asking for money, it makes me feels physically and emotionally uncomfortable. So, how did I get over this edge? Instead of thinking about all the people out there who might scoff at me for asking for financial support, I thought about all the people who enjoy my writing, who have found my posts insightful, reassuring and even funny.


I have researched a number of ways to try to support my family and myself through my blog but the truth is….I’m just not really good at Product Marketing, whether it’s product reviews or associated links – my heart’s just not in it. That’s why I’ve only done a few since starting the blog a year ago. They are products I really believe in and who’s creators I have built up a relationship with first.


All, I really want to do is write about unschooling; the ups and downs, the excitement and chaos, the certainties and the doubts. But the reality of life creeps in; putting food on the table and paying bills. So I took a deep breath, entered the coding for the Paypal DONATE Button, pressed Update and went to do the dishes.



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